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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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29jan2005 Cerrito Canyon
My destination for today was the deep undeveloped canyon between Berkeley and Kensington, through which one branch of Cerrito Creek runs.

23jan2005 Nimitz Way
My parents and I went for a nice walk on Nimitz Way in the Berkeley Hills. I think half the city was out strolling.

16jan2005 SF South
I started at the Balboa Park BART station, biked down Geneva to the Cow Palace, checked out an old drive-in theater, and then visited Hunters Point.

09jan2005 Sk8 & Tide & Sunset
There was a brief sunny break in the weeks of rain we've been having lately, so I went out for a quick morning ride. The skate park near my house looked interesting. After that I tried to go to the Berkeley marina but the "Virginia Street Extension" was flooded by the high tide! So I got a sandwich and came home. Later at sunset I went out again.

06jan2005 Bulb
A not-quite-sunny afternoon visit to the Albany Bulb.

2005 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2005.

23dec2004 Richmond & SF
I biked the route of the proposed Richmond Greenway, a.k.a. the old AT&SF railroad grade. This project has been funded for two years, I don't know why they haven't started building it yet. Later I went into SF for drinkses with friends.

22dec2004 Lindsay
A visit to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek.

15dec2004 Hayward Shore
A ride from Coliseum BART south to the San Mateo Bridge.

12dec2004 SF
A winter ride around downtown San Francisco.

10dec2004 Aloe Plicatilis
One of my favorite succulents, in my backyard xeriscape garden.

30nov2004 West Berkeley Sunrise
Just like the title says.

27nov2004 Coliseum-Alameda
A ride from Coliseum BART back home by way of Alameda.

25nov2004 T-Day
Thanksgiving at the Poskanzer house.

19nov2004 Pleasanton-Fremont
A ride from Dublin-Pleasanton BART to Fremont BART, by way of Shadow Cliffs, downtown Pleasanton, Sunol, and Niles Canyon.

17nov2004 Streets
A few things I saw while biking up through Albany and Kensington.

07nov2004 Golden Gate
A ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with fotologgers Monika and Dan.

05nov2004 Sunrise Sunset
I happened to wake up at 6am today, so I watched the sunrise. Then at 5pm I was up at the Lawrence Hall for the sunset.

31oct2004 Oakland Hills
A beautiful sunny Halloween. I rode up Old Tunnel Road with Monika, a fotolog friend, and visited the Chabot Observatory.

29oct2004 Fall Sun
Nice warm fall day. I rode up into the Oakland hills behind the Claremont.

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