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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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01dec2006 SF & Oakland
A visit to SF, and then back to Oakland in time to catch the sunset at the old train station.

28nov2006 West Berkeley
Afternoon and sunset in West Berkeley / Albany.

26nov2006 Oakland
I made an after-dark visit to Oakland Chinatown looking for neon signs and puddles, but there really aren't very many neon signs there. I got some ok pix elsewhere in Oakland.

25nov2006 Oakland & Alameda
Nice day for a ride through West Oakland, over to Alameda on the Park Street Bridge, north through Alameda, and back to Oakland through the Posey Tube.

23nov2006 Thanksgiving
Family feast at my sister's house, although my sister was out of town. Her loss!

17nov2006 SF
Another San Francisco ride. I went looking for two obscure alleys I had noticed on a map.

14nov2006 SF
A nice sunny day after some rain. I went into SF looking for puddles, and ended up riding all the way to the airport.

07nov2006 SF
Another afternoon/evening ride around San Francisco.

05nov2006 SF
Nice warm afternoon for a ride through San Francisco and over to the Marin Headlands to watch the simultaneous sunset / moonrise.

29oct2006 Soapbox
The annual Soapbox Derby on Bernal Hill.

28oct2006 Flickr Meetups
Went to two flickr meetups in San Francisco today - a Guess Where SF one in Dolores Park at noon, and an SF Bay Area Shooters one in Chinatown at 4.

25oct2006 SF
A beautiful warm fall day in San Francisco.

23oct2006 Sunset
Went out to snag another Golden Gate sunset. This time I brought along a real tripod, so I was able to make a little movie.

23oct2006 Foggy Morning
I went out just before sunrise to take some shots of industrial west Berkeley in the thick fog.

21oct2006 Football
My friend Jordan had some extra tickets to the Cal Bears / Washington Huskies game.

20oct2006 Treasure Island
An afternoon visit to Treasure Island to see the sunset line up with Fort Point.

19oct2006 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset from the east bay shoreline.

16oct2006 Afternoon
Rambling around on a sunny fall afternoon, through El Cerrito, Oakland, and Emeryville.

11oct2006 Las Trampas
Couple pix from a geocaching outing to Las Trampas.

08oct2006 Fleet Week
More Fleet Week goodness.

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