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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06jan2023 SF
Another overcast pre-storm day in SF.

03jan2023 SF
An overcast pre-rainstorm ride in the city. Crab season has started!

01jan2023 Around
Around Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland, on New Year's Day.

28dec2022 Oakland
A sunny morning ride to West Oakland. In the afternoon I went grocery shopping with my mom.

26dec2022 Oakland
A ride to Oakland on a heavily overcast day before a big rainstorm.

24dec2022 King Tide
A quick trip to see the +7' tide at the Berkeley Marina.

22dec2022 Bikes with Mics
Another live radio show while biking from the Ferry Building to Ocean Beach! Listen here.

20dec2022 SF
A quick trip into the city to buy a nifty House of Nanking sweatshirt I just learned about. Also saw a new sculpture by Marco Cochrane.

18dec2022 SF
Hung out with some friends on Page Slow Street in SF.

16dec2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

12dec2022 Oakland
Nice sunny day for a ride to Oakland and back.

07dec2022 Occultation
Couple rides around town, a centered sunset, and a nifty Moon/Mars occultation.

04dec2022 Bay Bridge
A ride across the Bay Bridge's east span to Treasure Island, then the bus to SF and BART home.

02dec2022 SF
Cold but sunny day for a ride out to Ocean Beach. I tried a new sandwich spot: Lucinda's. It was excellent.

30nov2022 Oakland - SF
A ride to Oakland, ferry to SF, then a loop on Polk Street.

26nov2022 SF
A nice day in SF. First the Great Walkway, then lunch with a friend, and then a visit to some of the stations on the new Central Subway.

24nov2022 Thanksgiving
Rode all the way to San Leandro BART, then home for Thanksgiving dinner.

21nov2022 Sunset
Again around town followed by a sunset. This one was nice.

16nov2022 Sunset
Around town and a sunset again, this time from Indian Rock. It was not great.

13nov2022 SF
Super beautiful day for a Great Walkway visit.

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