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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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18-25jul2001 Road Trip
Road trip to Portland and Seattle.

15jul2001 Picnic
Bike trip to the 2001 WeLL picnic at Coyote Point.

13jul2001 Plum
Party at Plum's house.

02jul2001 Nikes
Another Nike bike ride, to the Marin headlands, the Presidio, and Mount Sutro. On the way home I took the ferry to Oakland, and passing by Alameda got some shots of the fake-freeway set for the Matrix sequel.

30jun2001 Nikes
Another Nike bike ride, this time to Coyote Hills and Lake Chabot.

28jun2001 Nikes
A foggy visit to three Nike sites near Colma.

24jun2001 Pride
The 2001 San Francisco Pride Parade.

2001 Kitties
Some kittens who took up residence in my back yard this year.

30may2001 Symposium
Some pictures from my father's retirement symposium at LBNL.

28may2001 Ride
A bike ride through the Oakland hills and over to Lafayette, taking pictures of unusual structures.

20may2001 Tennessee Valley
A hike to the beach at Tennessee Valley in Marin.

15may2001 Walnut PVC
A strange PVC-pipe construct at the Berkeley art museum on Walnut St.

13may2001 Rio Vista Jct
A trip to the train museum at Rio Vista Junction.

11may2001 Opuntia
Couple of shots of new cactus paddles in my back yard.

08apr2001 Bathroom Windows
A little crafts project.

24mar2001 Mission Peak
A bike and hike trip up Mission Peak in Fremont.

22mar2001 Botanical Garden
Assorted pix from the UC botanical garden.

13feb2001 Less Snow
The day after the snowfall it is mostly but not completely gone. Also, early spring flowers, and a great sunset.

12feb2001 Snow
A rare snowfall on the Berkeley hills.

28jan2001 Cataract
A hike up the Cataract Trail on Mt Tam.

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