Geocaching is a game of hide & seek played with GPS boxes. One person hides a box of goodies somewhere, notes the GPS coordinates, and posts them on a web page. Then other people try to find the box using the coordinates. To find out more, visit

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Feeling Groovy, 30dec2008 2pm
Once again, visited to verify it's still there. And it is.

By the way, some time in the past year someone left a large and very sharp black fish hook in the cache. I removed and disposed of it. Please be careful when examining any cache, as there are sick individuals out there.

Feeling Groovy, 19sep2007 2pm
Visited to verify it's still there. And it is.

Alarm Stab Parts by Bear n Grin it, 11oct2006 4pm
We figured out what the title was supposed to be without even looking at the clue, but didn't manage to decrypt it and didn't find the cache.

Elderberry Ramble by pr, 11oct2006 3pm
Fairly easy find. Cache is in good shape. Took a googly eye, left a tiny plastic dinosaur.

National Guard by TeamAlamo, 11oct2006 2pm
I was expecting this one to be at the top of the hill but cloversmom suddenly said 'Hey we just walked past it!' No find though.

Stumped? by Chuguy, 11oct2006 12:30pm
I looked for this one five years ago and didn't find it. Today cloversmom and I found it without too much trouble. Partly that was because the cover piece is missing. Took nothing, left a tiny plastic dinosaur.

Live Oak Stumper by archaeor, 11oct2006 noon
Easy find, cache is in good shape. Took a poker chip with dice on it. Left a tiny plastic dinosaur.

Mendocino Rest Stop by Team Sagefox, 10sep2006 3:30pm
I looked around in the back corner of the "rest stop" but couldn't find the cache. I sux0r.

Big River Overlook by Team Sagefox, 10sep2006 2pm
Nice easy find.

Big River by Ranch Hands, 10sep2006 1:30pm
Excellent location! I remembered this spot from a canoe trip years ago, and as I approached with the GPS I wondered if the cache would be there. Getting to it by land was a bit of a struggle, including sliding down a steep dirt path, dodging poison oak, and a little wading, but well worth it.

Stumpy by Team Sagefox, 10sep2006 11am
Nice hide.

Bragg about a Holiday by Jug and Roon, 09sep2006 noon
Found pretty quickly. As with many hides in vegetated areas, there is an obvious path worn by previous finders that leads straight to the cache.

The Palace of Fine Arnolds by Cyan_Blue and ArnoldMHS, 08aug2006 5pm
Nice hide. I don't think I would have gotten it if I hadn't seen this style before. The tin is fairly rusty and as others have mentioned, hard to open, but I managed. Here are the requested photos.

I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah... by WalruZ, 08aug2006 4:30pm
Coordinates for the 2nd stage were about 35 feet off for me. Found it easily enough, though. Watch out for the wasp nest nearby! Took nothing, left a pteranodon coin.

What's Up Doc? by Dr. Zaius, 08aug2006 4pm
The camouflage is ok but maybe a little too white. Spritz it with some paint? Or just dirt? Anyway, I took a Llama Luck coin and left a stegosaurus coin.

S.F. Cable Car - California & Van Ness by Gumlung, 08aug2006 3pm
Did not find, even with the hint. I'll try again.

Sunday in the Park with LAH (motogrrl) by Friends of LAH (motogrrl), 30jul2006 1pm
Very nice picnic with all of Leigh Ann's friends.

Paris Bord d'eau Express by gadl, 29jun2006 1pm
Found right away. Very cool spot, except for the urine smell. :-)

Roman Ruins by gadl, 29jun2006 noon
Pretty good hide. We had to wait a few minutes for kids to get out of range.

Sniff / Safe Deposit, 26may2006
Ok, all better now. I got rid of the second stage, now you go straight from stage 1 to the cache.

Sniff / Safe Deposit, 09may2006
Stage two needs maintenance so I have temporarily disabled this cache.

Prickly Garden by Linc-Clan, 15jan2006 2:30pm
A superb hiding place! Took a 5 pence coin, left a blue mini-carabiner. The $1 bill is still there.

Tongue Radius by LooneyTunes, 15jan2006 11:45
Excellent anagram. I actually solved this one before I even left home. Answer is Nhthfgr Ebqva.

Valley of the Serpent by Kreebelle & Kids, 15jan2006 11:30am
Found this with my niece and nephew on a beautiful warm sunny day. Cache is in fine shape, well hidden, muddy on the outside but dry on the inside. The kids took a magnetic tic-tac-toe game and a Lego ghost, and I left a black mini-carabiner. There were two travel bugs in the cache.

Old One, 15nov2005 5pm
Happened to be biking past today so I visited to collect the camera. Pictures here.

East of the Bay, West of the Hills by motogrrl & Kilroy Gang, 03sep2005 2pm
Biked up the hill (1500'!) and had a great time.

Feeling Groovy, 03aug2005 3pm
Visited this old favorite to replace the log sheets.

"It's for you." by iconDaddy, 03aug2005 2:30pm
Very nice pair of hides. The laminated sheet is getting a little fuzzy, but still legible.

Two Xs Mark The Spot, 03aug2005 2pm
An easy microcache in Emeryville.

Ye Olde Fishing Holes, 20jul2005
I was flabbergasted to read yesterday's entry by "Modjo tREKkers". He couldn't be bothered to read the cache description so he came unprepared. Rather than return another time with the required tool, he decided to DESTROY THE CACHE. I just visited to check on it, and the cache was not retrievable without repeating his cheat. Furthermore, the quarter he claimed he left was not present. I'm going to delete the log entry, disallowing his find. As for the cache, I moved it to another spot a few feet away that was not damaged by "Modjo tREKkers". I would prefer that he not re-attempt this cache, or indeed any other cache of mine, unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

Berkeley Crossings Two by KermitDFrog, 03jul2005
I happened to be at the spot at the right time yesterday, so I took a look - this cache is still there! Heh. Good hide.

Benner Canyon, 14jun2005 5pm
I checked up on this cache again, because of a report by teamThrock that it had been emptied and thrown into the stream. I found the cache exactly where it is supposed to be. The contents are a little skimpy right now, but at least it isn't full of garbage like the last time I checked on it. And most importantly, the log book is present and in fine shape.

Super Rosa, 14apr2005 6pm
A fairly easy mini in the Berkeley hills.

Benner Canyon, 10apr2005
I visited to check up on this cache. I didn't see the No Trespassing signs reported by the previous seeker, but I could have missed them. As for the cache itself, it is in fine shape. I removed the following crap from the cache: an empty CD case, a straw, two pieces of jagged metal, and a printout of the cache's web page. What is it with some geocachers??

Hole In One, 10apr2005
I finally got around to checking up on this one. It is indeed gone. Sorry it took me so long.

Bonne Vine (Paris) by Jessex, 31mar2005 3pm
A quick find in a nice little park.

Temple de l'Amour (Temple Of Love) by -=(GEO)=-, 30mar2005 4:30pm
Very nice location, thanks. Found the cache in a minute or so, with no police involvement. Took a 1 Krone coin and left a Sacajewea dollar. The gate to the temple itself was locked, but easily jumped to take some pictures.

Le Serpent Rouge by Team Mach, 30mar2005 3pm
No joy. I looked for this one last year too and didn't find it then either. I might try again later on this trip, since my parents are staying a couple blocks from here.

ARCHE (Paris) by Jessex, 30mar2005 1pm
An easy find.

Silver 14 (Paris) by Jessex, 30mar2005 noon
Very bad GPS juju going on here, I had to use the spoiler picture. After that it was easy to find.

Ye Olde Fishing Holes, 25feb2005
Well, the park rangers never got back to me. While I was waiting, I talked to the manager of the racetrack and to a member of the waterfront commission. Both of them agreed with me that this location is not in the park. I can only assume that the rangers realized their mistake but being bureaucrats were unable to admit or correct it. To which I say, "Whatever." I have replaced the cache and am re-enabling the listing.

Mortar Rock Park by DavidT21 & Fisherwoman, 29jan2005 4pm
After a thorough search, did not find.

Cerritos Creek Cache by demonic chocolatier and the kilts, 29jan2005 3:30pm
I have always been curious about this canyon, thanks for telling me how to get in. The cache was out in the open, about 20' from what looked (based on the hint) like the hiding place. I put it there, but someone who has done this cache before should check whether I got the right spot. Also, the cache had a half inch of water inside, and the log book was completely soaked and unsignable, so that should be replaced. I took a sk8board keychain, and left a green mini-biner.

Indian Bear Lair by poppops, 29jan2005 3pm
A quick find on one of my favorite Berkeley paths. It was a little muddy but no big deal. Took a hula gal, left a triceratops coin.

Peralta Park by BOF and SOBOF, 29jan2005 2:30pm
I got there right when Madhatter & friends were finishing up. I averted my eyes until they left, but it was still kind of easy. Took a Geocaching temporary tattoo, left a stegosaurus coin.

Ye Olde Fishing Holes, 26jan2005
I called the number on the note and talked to the woman who had retrieved the caches, so it's real. I told her that this one was not on park property, and she just ignored that. Her supervisor who tasked her with the retrieval will supposedly call me next week. Meanwhile, this cache is at least temporarily disabled.

Ye Olde Fishing Holes, 25jan2005
Looks like at least two other nearby caches, Tepco USA and Back Atcha Looney Tunes, got the same note. Interestingly, my other cache in the area, Sniff / Safe Deposit, did not. I surmise this is because the ranger would have had to walk more than 30 feet from his/her vehicle in order to find it.

Ye Olde Fishing Holes, 25jan2005
Park rangers stole the cache! They left a note saying geocaching is not allowed in the park district, but this cache is not in the park!

Heron's Head Park by WalruZ, 16jan2005 4:15pm
Did not find. Nice day tho.

Little Hollywood USA by GoToStJoseph, 16jan2005 1:45
Another easy find. The contents were a little damp, but ok. Left a tiny wooden box, took a green mini-carabiner.

CalTrain - Bayshore by normanb, 16jan2005 1:30pm
An easy find. The container was upside down and had a lot of water in it. The contents are ok so far but I think it needs a thorough drying or it will get moldy pretty soon. Left a domino, took a poisoned art frog.
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