Geocaching - Benner Canyon

N 37.887595° W 122.259455° / N 37° 53.2557' W 122° 15.5673'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

19sep2007: This cache has been archived. It went missing some time in June 2007.

Back around 1890 or so, old man Benner had a homestead somewhere in this canyon. The local kids used to hike up and play in the area, and Mr. Benner hated that. He'd chase them off, yelling and waving his walking stick. The story was handed down through generations of Berkeley kids. Supposedly he had a stash of treasures hidden somewhere in the canyon. They say he never really died, he just dried up and turned into a troll, still guarding his precious canyon to this day. If you visit on a windy night you may hear him moaning...

This is private land, still owned by the Benner family. Visitors are welcome these days, but be respectful. No bushwacking is needed to find the cache. It's not hidden in any bushes or plants, so don't go trampling around in them. STAY ON THE PATHS. DO NOT MAKE NEW PATHS. Please avoid eroding this beautiful area. The paths are slippery even when dry - wear appropriate footgear, and be extra careful in wet weather.

The cache is a 7.62mm ammo box. Initial contents: page for this cache.
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