Geocaching - El Toyonal

N 37.89623° W 122.22131° / N 37° 53.774' W 122° 13.279'

Difficulty:   Terrain:

According to my dictionary, toyon is American Spanish for an evergreen shrub with white flowers and red berries, also called Christmas Berry. No idea what that has to do with this area. What you're looking for is an authentic World War II relic hidden here in the east bay hills. Eisenhower considered it one of the three most important pieces of equipment in the war, along with radar and the heavy bomber.

From the nearest parking, the site is about a quarter mile on mostly level asphalt and gravel, although you do have to step off the road for the last ten feet. WARNING - don't go into or close to the edge of the steep slippery ravine. There's partial tree cover - if you can't get a good GPS signal, feel free to use the hint. The cache is a Rubbermaid 1.8 quart "Servin' Saver Rectangle", clear with a beige top. A photo of the box in situ might give away the hiding place, so I've only provided a photo of the box before hiding. Initial contents:

You can decrypt the hint with this chart.
Fbhgurnfg pbeare.
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