Commands and Pages

At the top of each page is a set of buttons:

Takes you to the next un-read topic in your hotlist. This is the most commonly-used command.
Takes you back to the topic you were reading most recently. This is useful for returning from side-tracks.
Shows the conferences on your hotlist.
Lets you change your personal information, and your hotlist and notify list.
[All Confs]
Shows all conferences.
Very flexible search page.
Look for users by name or bio.
Integrated realtime chat and private messages.
Brings you here into the help system.

[Conference pages] have additional buttons:

Shows the forgotten and retired topics too.
[Change Name]
Changes your default name in that conference.
[Catch Up]
Updates you as if you had read through all the new responses.
[See Recent]
Shows the recent responses in the conference.

[Topic pages] have additional buttons too:

Forgetting a topic makes it disappear for you.
Freezing a topic makes it read-only.
Retire makes a topic invisible to everyone.
A link back to the conference page.

[Response pages] also have more buttons:

A hidden response is not visible in topic-display pages, but clicking on the single-response link shows the text.
The response gets overwritten with junk, making it permanently unavailable.
A link back to the topic page.
A link back to the conference page.

Finally, hosts get a [Host] button on the conference page, which lets them change their banner message and user-list; and [Link], [Retitle], and [Kill] buttons on the topic pages, which let them link topics between conferences, change their titles, or delete them; and system administrators get an [Admin] button which lets them do various administrative tasks such as changing the system's appearance, making new conferences, and deleting users.

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