California November 2010 Propositions

We have nine statewide propositions on this ballot.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd. You can also vote before then at Early Voting locations. Check your sample ballot, or ask your county's Registrar of Voters to find out where. For instance, in Alameda County you can vote at the Registrar's office in downtown Oakland, among other places.

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YES Prop. 19: Legalize Marijuana
This is probably a good idea, although if it passes it will get tied up in federal court.

NO Prop. 20: Expand Redistricting Commission
yes Prop. 27: Repeal Redistricting Commission
These two propositions would either expand or repeal the redistricting commission created by 2008's Proposition 11. If both 20 and 27 pass, the one with the higher number of "yes" votes takes effect. If both propositions fail, then the redistricting commission stays the same.

I would like to see a better redistricting system, but I was against Proposition 11 because it gave Republicans disproportionate influence. Accordingly I'm voting yes to repeal and no to expand.

YES Prop. 21: Vehicle License Fee for State Parks
The state parks need more money or they will close. I don't like it but that's the reality. Although I don't see a connection between state parks and vehicle registration, I have to vote yes.

??? Prop. 22: Prohibit State From Taking Local Funds
This kind of thing is too complicated for voters to decide. It shouldn't be on the ballot. I will probably leave it blank.

NO Prop. 23: Suspend AB32 Air Pollution Law
This proposition is Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro trying to buy their own law in California, just like PG&E tried to do in the spring election. Tell them to go pound sand!

YES Prop. 24: Repeal Special Tax Breaks from 2008's Budget Deal
To get the last Yes vote needed to pass a budget in 2008, three special tax breaks worth $1.3 billion / year were added to the deal. Also added was a provision that the tax breaks had to be submitted to the voters for approval later. Well, I do not approve. The only gotcha here is you have to vote Yes to get rid of the tax breaks.

YES Prop. 25: Majority Vote to Pass Budget
This will end the yearly deadlocks caused by the current 2/3rds requirement to pass a budget. Should have done it years ago.

NO Prop. 26: Reclassify Business Fees as Taxes, Requiring 2/3rds Vote
This would further paralyze California. It's a stupid idea.

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