California 2008 Propositions

We have twelve issues on the ballot this time.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th. You can also vote before then at Early Voting locations. Check your sample ballot, or ask your county's Registrar of Voters to find out where. For instance, in Alameda County you can vote at the Registrar's office in downtown Oakland, among other places.

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YES Prop. 1A: Safe, reliable high-speed passenger train bond act
High-speed rail is great. My only problem with this proposition is that it should be even more money.

YES Prop. 2: Standards for confining farm animals
Of course. This shouldn't even be on the ballot, it should have been passed unanimously in the legislature.

NO Prop. 3: Children's hospital bond act
Sounds nice but no. These are privately-run hospitals asking for public money. Plus they haven't even used up the money they got last time they pulled this.

NO Prop. 4: Waiting period and parental notification before termination of minors pregnancy
The Republicans try to put something involving abortion or gays on every ballot, to get out their vote. This year we have two, this one and the anti-marriage one! No thanks to both.

YES Prop. 5: Nonviolent drug offenses; sentencing, parole and rehabilitation
This gets drug offenders out of prison and into treatment where they belong.

NO Prop. 6: Police and law enforcement funding; criminal penalties and laws
More money for the prison-industrial complex. We can't afford it and don't want if even if we could.

NO Prop. 7: Renewable energy generation
This one claims to be for renewable energy but actually it's a mess.

NO Prop. 8: Eliminates right of same-sex couples to marry
It's kind of funny to see the "pro family" types opposed to marriage.

NO Prop. 9: Criminal justice system; victims rights; parole
This messes with the parole system for no apparent reason.

NO Prop. 10: Alternative fuel vehicles and renewable energy; bonds
This one is T. Boone Pickens trying to rip California off for billions of dollars. No thanks.

NO Prop. 11: Redistricting
We do need redistricting reform. It has been on the ballot a few times before and was rejected. This new attempt sounds good until you look at the specifics and realize that it mandates a 50/50 split between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans are a minority in California, and they do not deserve equal representation on the redistricting commission. Sorry, try again.

YES Prop. 12: Veterans bond act of 2008
Support the troops for real!

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