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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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11apr2007 Topsy Turvy
The Topsy Turvy Bus made its first public appearance today near Sproul Plaza in Berkeley.

08apr2007 Big Wheels
The annual Big Wheel race down Lombard Street.

04apr2007 Blake Garden
A visit to Blake Garden in Kensington.

30mar2007 Golden Gate Park
An afternoon in Golden Gate Park.

28mar2007 Wildcat
Biked up Wildcat Canyon in search of wildflowers, and found some!

25mar2007 Tennessee Valley
A foggy visit to Tennessee Valley in Marin.

21mar2007 Botanical Garden
A visit to the UC Botanical Garden. Lots of stuff is blooming.

2007 Tomatoes
This year only one tomato plant, a Sun Gold.

16mar2007 Marin
A nice long ride from San Rafael south to San Francisco.

15mar2007 Macroelectronics
Got the urge for close-ups of some of my old computer circuit boards and front panels.

11mar2007 East Bay
I had to get up early to go see my nephew Felix rate at Jack London Aquatic Center, so after that I just kept riding south along the shoreline. Ended up in Union City. As the crow flies the distance is only 20 miles, but I ended up riding 37 miles.

08mar2007 SF
A ride around the south-east quadrant of San Francisco.

03mar2007 Flickr Party
Flickr's third birthday party, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Also the start of the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, and some parrots.

02mar2007 New Helmet
I took a little spill off my bike a couple days ago. Fortunately I landed on my head, so there was no damage. But this did mean I was supposed to get a new helmet.

28feb2007 Tilden
I heard Mt. Diablo got some more snow so I rode up to Vollmer Peak in the Berkeley Hills to get a look. Then down through Tilden Park.

23feb2007 Mt. Diablo
Dawn and I drove up Mt. Diablo to see snow.

22feb2007 Richmond
Rode over to Richmond again to check out the new 1.5 mile segment of the Bay Trail at the West County Landfill.

21feb2007 Tour Stage 3
The AMGEN Tour of California rode from Stockton to San Jose. I rode from Dublin/Pleasanton BART to Union City BART, by way of Vallecitos Road and Niles Canyon. The tour caught up with me right at the old GE Vallecitos nuclear plant.

19feb2007 Coyote Hills
A nice hike at Coyote Hills in Fremont, with my brother & sister and some nephews.

18feb2007 Tour Prologue
The AMGEN Tour of California is back. As in 2006, the prologue time trial went from the Ferry Building to Telegraph Hill.

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