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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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26dec2008 Bulb
A quick ride out to the Albany Bulb to catch the sunset from Mad Mark's Castle.

17dec2008 Snow
A bunch of snow on Vollmer Peak in the Berkeley hills.

09dec2008 Buchli Station
Visited the wildlife refuge at the end of Buchli Station Road. There's a nice abandoned house.

05dec2008 Angel Island
Rode the Angel Island perimeter road, to see how it's doing after October's big fire.

30nov2008 Richmond
A ride to Point Pinole and back, along the Richmond shoreline.

29nov2008 Mission
Another mural walking tour, this time in the Mission.

27nov2008 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving at my parents' house.

21nov2008 SF
A quick trip to San Francisco to see the Macy's kittens and puppies. Bonus: Blackpool boat car!

19nov2008 Haight
A mural walking tour down Haight Street.

17nov2008 Sunset
For tonight's sunset I biked across SF to Cliff House.

14nov2008 Sunset
Another nice Golden Gate sunset.

13nov2008 Grizzly Island
A quick trip to Grizzly Island.

06nov2008 SF
A warm November day in San Francisco.

25oct2008 Zeppelin
The new Airship Ventures Zeppelin NT04 showed up in San Francisco today.

24oct2008 Sunset
Another Golden Gate Sunset.

17oct2008 Sunset
The first of 2008-2009's Golden Gate Sunsets.

17oct2008 Benicia
After dropping off the nephew I took the long way home, through Benecia.

13oct2008 Green Island Rd.
Had a few minutes to kill in American Canyon so I explored out to the end of Green Island Road.

10oct2008 Blue Angels
Fleet Week 2008! Viewed the Blue Angels' practice flight from Treasure Island.

30sep2008 Science
The California Academy of Sciences has re-opened!

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