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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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01may2010 SF
A long bike ride around San Francisco, visiting a few spots I hadn't seen before.

25apr2010 Bike Box
I have this 1.5x-size milk crate that I occasionally mount on my bike for extra cargo capacity. I was looking for a better way to attach it.

21apr2010 Oakland
A few pix from a night visit to Oakland.

18apr2010 SF
Sunday Streets in SF! 3rd Street was closed to cars from the Bayview all the way up to Some Big Corporation Park. Plus a Caliber SF photowalk in the Mission.

14apr2010 Benicia SRA
A visit to Benicia State Recreation Area.

10apr2010 San Jose
I had to make a trip to San Jose to get a particular variety of tomato plant.

09apr2010 Expedition
A geology field trip to see some bay area ophiolites.

2010 Tomatoes
This year I doubled my growing capacity, from one to two plants.

31mar2010 Berkeley Morning
Up early!

24mar2010 Signs
I had an errand in San Mateo so I got to see signs all over the bay area. Plus some flowers.

21mar2010 Berkeley
A quick ride around West Berkeley looking for flowers and lunch.

19mar2010 SF
A few photos on the way to a Guess Where SF meetup.

17mar2010 UC Botanical Garden
Pre-spring visit to the UC Botanical garden.

15mar2010 SF
A visit to the Presidio.

11mar2010 SF
Nice sunny day in San Francisco. Spring is approaching!

07mar2010 Boom
I was in my backyard at noon when I heard a loud explosion a block away, and then all my UPS boxes started beeping. I walked down the street and found this.

06mar2010 Wildcat & Richmond
Somewhat muddy bike ride down Wildcat Canyon and then through Richmond.

22feb2010 Marin
Biked from San Rafael to San Francisco. There are a couple of nice old signs near Strawberry that I hadn't photographed before. Also I had another excellent lunch at Fish.

15feb2010 Battery Yates
A visit to Battery Yates to look for early wildflowers. We found some!

13feb2010 SF & Marin
Biked through San Francisco over the Golden Gate to Point Bonita.

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