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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06sep2000 Metropolitan
A beautiful old Nash Metropolitan down the street.

13aug2000 Beach
A trip to Abbott's Lagoon.

06aug2000 Martinez
Leo's 4th birthday party, in Martinez, followed by a bike ride back to Berkeley.

15jul2000 Picnic
Bike ride to and from the annual WeLL picnic.

09jul2000 Beach
A trip to Abbott's Lagoon.

04jul2000 Fireworks
A semi-successful attempt to take pictures of Berkeley's 4th of July fireworks.

24jun2000 Flowers
Some beautiful blooms in my neighbors yards.

15jun2000 Emeryville
A bike ride through West Berkeley and Emeryville.

06jun2000 Boot
Some nifty salt patterns on a boot of mine.

25may2000 Botanical Garden
Flowers etc. at the UC botanical garden.

20may2000 Albany Dump
The plop-art area at the old Albany dump.

25apr2000 Albany Dump
A little photo trip to the old Albany dump to see a dead whale. Other sightings: some goslings, and a bunch of weird art.

01apr2000 Beach
A day trip to Limantour Spit.

24mar2000 Ferry
An excursion to SF with return on the Richmond ferry.

03mar2000 Backyard
Spring is approaching in my backyard cactus bed.

06feb2000 Red Oak Victory
A second visit to the Red Oak Victory, a WWII ship being restored at Point Richmond.

25nov1999 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving at my parents' house, with lots of nephews etc. in attendence.

28oct1999 Big Thursday
A bike + photo trip along the San Francisco waterfront and the Marin headlands. I called it Big Thursday because the surfers were all abuzz over the very large waves hitting that day. However I happened to get to Fort Point, a prime wave-observing spot, during a lull, so no big wave pix for me. I did pick up a few nice shots of the Nike missile installations in Marin, though.

25oct1999 Backyard
Here I started using a Sony Mavica FD-91 digital camera. It has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, which is less than I'd prefer. However it also has a totally kick-ass 14x zoom lens with optical image stabilization and super-macro. In this session I was just taking test shots of stuff in my backyard, but some of them turned out nice enough to be keepers.

PhotoCD 3909
1999. A Drawbridge pic, more construction, the Albany landfill, Sutro Baths, Seaview Trail in Tilden, Stanford Art Museum.

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