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General web search engines:
Google Image Search
Alta Vista

Web directories:
Open Directory Project

Netnews search engines:
Google author profile (user@host.dom)
Alta Vista netnews

Google News
Yahoo! News

IMDB movie title
IMDB actor name
IMDB movie quotes

Merriam Webster
Webster's Dictionary
The Hacker's Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Rhyming dictionary

U.S. Code @
U.S. Code @
U.S. Pending Legislation
California Code
California Statutes
California Constitution
California Pending Legislation

Phones and addresses:
FN: LN: AnyWho name search
AnyWho business search
FN: LN: name search business search
FN: LN: Yahoo name search
FN: LN: Database America name search
infoUSA reverse phone number lookup (Use nnn-nnn-nnnn.)
Who's Where email search
toll-free numbers
AT&T toll-free numbers area code lookup
National Address Server (Use ; to separate lines.)
Street: City State: USPS Address Server
Internet Address Finder

Other stuff:
RFC index
PGP key server
bar-code translator (Enter all 12 digits.)
Britannica's Lives
Today in History
Scope Systems' Historic Events
CIA World Factbook
Patent from Number
Patent Abstract from Number
IBM Full-Text Patent Search
IBM Patent from Number
Prime-Factor Numbers
Webtender drink recipies
Virtual card punch
Bible search airport information

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