Identifying Scars and Marks

Weird blue dot on left knee, had it since pre-puberty, no idea what it's from.

Black dot, middle of lower lip.

Permanent hematoma in left sclera. Unknown origin.

Left pinky is a little crooked from getting broken in a volleyball game at age 7.

1cm line on proximal right wrist, from getting a boil lanced at age 8. Before this I couldn't tell left from right, since I was symmetrical. Afterwards I had a handy reference.

No tonsils or adenoids, removed at age 9.

Left middle toenail grows all wrinkled up, due to being smashed under a see-saw at age 12.

2nd joint left thumb can bend backwards but not very much forwards due to getting broken in a basketball game at age 15 or so.

Matched 1" diameter ovals on the front of both shins, from unrelated incidents when I was about 22.

Multiple parallel gouges in back of right thigh and buttock, from falling/sliding down a 40-foot cliff at age 33. These would be really impressive if they didn't look exactly like cellulite.

Matched mole-removal scars on each cheekbone, from surgery at age 36.

Anvil tattoo on right shoulder, age 38.

Two jagged 1" scars on left hand plus a 1" light-colored area on left shoulder, from mountain bike falls at ages 39 and 40.

Half-dollar-sized lump on left shin bone from a walking / chewing gum incident at age 43.

2" scar on right forearm, from a crackhead pushing me into a bus shelter at age 54.

Displacement and scar along right nasolabial fold, from basal cell carcinoma excision at age 55.

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