Red Oak Victory

The Red Oak Victory is one of the last two WWII Victory-class ships still afloat. The Victory ships were a slightly larger and more modern design than the better-known Liberty ships. For instance, while the Liberty ships had a triple-expansion piston engine, the Victory class used turbines. As a result their top speed was 15 knots, 4 more than the Libertys.

The Red Oak was built in the Richmond shipyards and commissioned on the 5th of December, 1944. She served during WWII in the Pacific, in both Korea and Vietnam, and was mothballed in 1968. After thirty years in Suisun Bay, preservationists found her and got permission to restore her to working condition.

First visit, in September 1998 on the day she arrived at Richmond's pier 1:

Second visit, on 06feb2000. It has been cleaned up a little.
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