Industrial Archaeology

I like finding stuff from the start of the automobile age that has already started to decay. In addition to the photos below, I have separate pages on the Bevatron, the Red Oak Victory, and the Bay Area's Nike missile sites.

Check out the industrial archaeology program at Michigan Tech University.
Mark Lakata's industrial archaeology page.
Phil Buelher's and page of links.
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.
Craig Thom's Decay Gallery.
Chain of Rocks Bridge Bikeway.,, Abandoned But Not Forgotten,,
And then there's
Janelle Brown's article on infiltration in Salon.
Historical Highways of Central and Southern California, including the famous Ridge Route.
The Lost Highway - abandoned roads across the USA.
ReichsAutobahn - abandoned WWII freeways in Poland.
Defunct Amusement Parks.
UC Berkeley's steam tunnels.
Forgotten New York.
Sue's Urban Exploration Pages.
Ars Subterranea.
Dark Passage.
Implosion World!.
Bill Hocker's great industrial photos.
Some of Edward Burtynsky's stunning photos.
Urban Photography Commandos.
Lost America, the Abandoned Roadside West., focusing on.underground New York City.
Abandoned Japanese amusement park.
Tim Edensor - British Industrial Ruins.
Friends of the High Line, an abandoned elevated railway in New York City.
Staten Island Shipwrecks.
Europe Underground.
Underground Kent.
Industrial Ruins in the UK.
the Vanishing Point.

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