Bill Gates is the most spammed person

November 19, 2004

[AFP newswire]

Internet junkies, take heart: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates receives 4 million emails a day, and is probably the most spammed person in the world.

But unlike ordinary users, the software mogul has an entire department to filter unsolicited emails and only a few actually get through to his inbox, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said yesterday.

"There are two people who probably are the No. 1 spam recipients in the world," Ballmer said referring to Gates and himself.

"Bill Gates [is No. 1] because he is Bill Gates. Bill literally receives 4 million pieces of email per day, most of it spam," Ballmer told a conference.

"And so we have special technology which just filters spam.

"Literally, there's a whole department, almost, that takes care of it."

Ballmer said he was "probably also amongst the most spammed people in the world" because he gave out his email address - - in all his public speeches.

"I receive many pieces of spam [but] only about 10 of them actually make it into my inbox because of the spam technologies that our IT department implements."

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