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When I was a kid my parents got this six-LP set of science-themed folk songs for my sister and me. They were produced in the late 1950s / early 1960s by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer. Zaret's main claim to fame is writing the lyrics to the classic "Unchained >Melody" for the 1955 movie "Unchained", later recorded by the Righteous Brothers and more recently used in "Ghost". Three of the albums (the best three in my opinion) were performed by Tom Glazer, semi-famous 1940s folk musician and somewhat of a lyricist himself (he wrote "On Top of Spaghetti").

The Singing Science lyrics were very Atomic Age, while the tunes were generally riffs on popular or genre music of the time. We played them incessantly.

In February 1998 I found the LPs in my parents' basement. I cleaned them up, played them one last time on an old turntable, and burned them onto a set of three CD-R discs. In December 1999 I read the songs back off the CDs and encoded them into MP3. I used to host the MP3s here, but I don't have to any more because... of October 2013, the albums are BACK IN PRINT! You can order a six-CD box set from Amazon right now! Give it to all your siblings for Hanukkah/Christmas!

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Space Songs

(Fans of They Might Be Giants will definitely want to listen to "Why Does The Sun Shine".)
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Energy & Motion Songs

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Experiment Songs

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Weather Songs

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Nature Songs

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More Nature Songs

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